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Hamilton & Lafayette

Prosperity Estate, St. Croix.
Est. 1797

Prosperity Estate is a sugarcane farm on St. Croix dating back to the 18th Century, and appears on one of the earliest maps of the island. The property gently slopes from the hills west of Frederiksted, all the way to the Caribbean Sea.

After 3 decades of lying fallow, a 176-acre portion was purchased in 2018 for agricultural purposes. Using state-of-the-art farming processes, the farm now produces around 8,000 pounds of sugar cane per acre – four times more than harvests of years past.

Next time you visit St. Croix and you see the sugarcane fields, as the wind rushes through them and creates waves of glistening cane leaves, remember that in addition to the sweet product it yields, sugarcane farming brings benefits to the environment by slowing land erosion, absorbing CO2, and improving the quality of the soil through mineral components.

While we wait for the sugarcane to further develop and our own distillery distillery to be built, we selected our rums from Martinique, a world leader in the production of premium sugar cane rums.

100% Pure sugarcane juice

Hamilton & Lafayette is set to use a selection of sugarcane varieties developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The cane goes through a natural maturation period of 12 months before a harvesting period which lasts from from January to June.

Once harvested, our sugarcane is transported immediately from the fields to the sugar cane mill, where the crushing happens within 24 hours. This keeps the true flavors of the sugarcane juice and gives sugarcane rums their exceptional aromas and flavors.

13 pounds of sugar cane goes into a single bottle of 80 proof Hamilton & Lafayette Rum.

Masterfully Distilled & Aged to Perfection


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